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We go out of our way to support and protect our customers. That means not only installing equipment with the utmost care and being there whenever there is an issue, technical or otherwise; it means making sure that issues never come up in the first place. That starts with inspections and testing, both those that are required and those that aren’t. At SafeCare, we go above and beyond to keep your equipment compliant, as if our reputation was staked on it. Because in many ways, it is.

Fire Inspections

When it comes to your safety, nothing else matters, and nothing is as threatening to your safety as fire. The NFPA requires regular testing and inspections of your fire protection equipment, and SafeCare is here to oblige.

Fire Alarm Systems

Back Flow

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Private Fire Hydrants

Fire Pump Testing

Fire Extinguishers

Kitchen Suppression


A key ingredient for generator longevity is a good maintenance program. Knowing what needs maintenance and when is why we employ experts who focus on them. Regular inspections and maintenance are necessary to make sure your generators work when you need them to, so if you haven’t had a generator inspection in a while, schedule one today!

Fuel & Oil Sample Testing

Semiannual Inspection

Annual Service

Automatic Transfer Switch

Load Bank Testing

Commercial Kitchen Inspections

A commercial kitchen is like a well-oiled machine: there are a lot of moving parts, and if one of them goes down, so does the whole operation. The only way to prevent that is to make sure all of your kitchen’s moving parts are operating as they should… through inspection and testing.

Range Hood System

Kitchen Fire Roll Door

Kitchen Appliances