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To defeat fires, you’re going to need some of the newest innovations in fire protection technology. SafeCare’s fire protection professionals are experts in fire sprinklers, alarm systems, and more, from installation to maintenance to finding the best system to meet your fire protection needs.

Fire Alarms

Whether it's fire panels, smoke detectors, heat detectors, or pull stations, lives are saved when people are aware of fire around them. SafeCare technicians can install the latest fire alarm technology with 24/7 emergency monitoring and assistance, just to be sure.

Addressable and Non-Addressable Panels

Non-Proprietary Stance on Installations

Ability to Service and Troubleshoot All Panels, (Proprietary and Non-Proprietary)

System Integration into Smart Nurse Call Systems

Sprinkler Systems

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the civilian rate of fatality decreases by 89% with an automatic sprinkler system. Of course, this is why SafeCare helps protect your people and building with comprehensive sprinkler system service and inspections. We design, retrofit, and install your sprinkler system, including:

Dry and Wet Pipe Sprinkler Systems

Antifreeze Systems

Complete Pipe Replacement

System Flushing

New Installation & Retrofit


Fire extinguishers come in all shapes and sizes, but they all serve the same purpose: extinguishing fires. That might be obvious, but the amount of extinguishers required for your location by the NFPA is not. We’ll walk you through what you need, install what you need, and maintain what you need.

New Extinguisher Sales

Pre-Serviced/Leak-Tested Extinguishers


Service and Repair

Extinguishers on Trucks to Eliminate Downtime

Inspected Yearly

6 and 12 Year Service

Hood Suppression

SafeCare is one of the few companies out there that provide hood cleaning, hood and exhaust service and maintenance, and suppression testing and service. Whether it’s grease hoods, filters, fans, makeup air or heat hoods, SafeCare will make sure your kitchen has adequate protection and more!


Service & Repair


Tested Semiannually or As Requested

Cleaned Semiannually, Monthly, or As Requested