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April 28, 2023

There are so many opportunities for a lucrative career, even if you do not want — or have not completed — a traditional four-year degree. Trade jobs and vocational careers are in demand, and are expected to increase over the next decade. These rewarding careers can give you opportunities to use your skills in problem-solving as well. However, many people are overwhelmed by the number of career options out there like electrician, plumber, HVAC technician, construction inspector, fire safety manager, pest control technician, and more.

The problem is, with so many choices, it’s hard to decide on which path to follow. Each of these well-paid positions could bring you a lifetime of fulfillment, but each also requires some study and training.

That’s where SafeCare can help.

Because we offer so many services to our clients, we give the opportunity to find a position that is best suited for success — all while getting paid! Want more information? Read on!

The Benefits of a SafeCare Career

While a job is just something that you do to make money, a career is something that you do that brings you not only a paycheck, but a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction. At SafeCare, we provide careers that are rewarding as well as lucrative, and a host of other benefits, such as:

Close-Knit Teams

At SafeCare, our team of professionals operate very much as a family, supporting one another in defining and achieving career goals as well as acting as a social support system. And it works — we have very little turnover in our two locations, as our employees feel valued and supported, and have a high rate of job satisfaction.

We hire all of our management team from within our pool of employees, so you are assured there is a long-term career path for you.

On-the-Job Training

As we mentioned above, sometimes it can be difficult to know just which profession will really suit your long-term needs and goals. At SafeCare, we hire tradespeople and other experienced professionals, but we also give employees with potential the opportunity to find their best fit. Services we offer that might interest you include:

  • Fire Protection
  • Security & Protection
  • Generators
  • Inspections
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • HVAC
  • Low Voltage & Electronic Systems
  • Sprinkler Suppression Systems & Backflow Units
  • Fire Extinguishers & Kitchen Suppression Systems

Our clients are typically multi-family complexes, commercial kitchens, and senior living complexes, so you have the opportunity to work in a wide range of facilities. We provide targeted on-the-job training so you can increase your skill level in your desired profession under the mentorship of skilled experts.

Relationships with Clients

Working in the trades can be difficult when you just pop in and out of various businesses to complete one job, never to return. At SafeCare, we have established relationships with our clientele that make working together rewarding and fulfilling. You will get to know our clients, and they will get to know you, coming to rely on your knowledge and experience to help them keep their businesses running — and safe.

Great Benefits

Not only do we offer you compensation that reflects your outstanding level of professionalism and service, but we have created a comprehensive benefits package that goes above and beyond. We provide a 401(k) plan to assist you in retirement planning and growing your retirement income; a health and dental plan; paid time off and travel to help you relax and unwind; and a company vehicle and phone that are yours to take home at the end of the day — and more.

Ready to Turn an Opportunity into a Reality? Contact Us Today!

At SafeCare, we provide leading-edge technologies and tools to help our clients with a wide variety of services that help keep their businesses running smoothly. To do this, we hire or train skilled professionals who are known for their expertise, promptness, honesty, determination, and reliability. Our team is like a family, and we make sure that they have everything they need to do their jobs well — great support, on-the-job training, excellent benefits, and a great work environment.

If you are ready to join a dynamic, close-knit team of outstanding professionals in either of our two locations — Indianapolis, IN and Louisville, KY — we would love to chat with you about the possibilities. Just contact us through this link and let’s start the conversation today!

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